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Visibility and Data Security


Topia Technology has long been at the forefront securely moving and managing enterprise data in complex environments. Working with such agencies as the US Army, Air Force, TSA and FAA, Topia has a seasoned engineering team solving complex networking challenges inherent to cloud, mobile and big data workflows.

Topia’s products address the need to know and the need to secure.

More about Topia

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SHERPA – Leveraging Blockchain to
Secure and Manage Enterprise Data

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Data is an enterprise’s most valuable commodity. Protecting that data is critical to the survival of the organization, but sharing that data with partners, vendors, and contractors is essential to its success. Sherpa enables the enterprise to accomplish both of these goals simultaneously by allowing data to be shared with partners, vendors, and contractors while also maintaining the security of that data in transit, orchestrating the transmission of data between systems, and providing assurance that data is being used as intended by each party.

By leveraging Blockchain as an immutable permissioning layer, Sherpa automates partner agreements through the use of smart contracts and ensures the terms and conditions of the data exchange are met. The orchestration component reports the status to the Blockchain to ensure compliance.

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Unmatched Security


Every headline and data breach statistic reminds us that encryption is not enough. Topia’s enterprise data security platform, Secrata, provides unmatched security over the wire and at rest. Your data is obfuscated through a patented shredding and encryption. Each shred is encrypted with unique keys and no logic to connect the shreds is accessible. Secrata ensures your data is never in the clear between the point of origin and the point of destination. And your data is impervious to ALL SSl/TLS exploits.

Learn more about Secrata

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Data Breach Industry Forecast 2019

quote-left While it’s been about 13 years since one of the first major data breaches reverberated on the nation’s radar, there is still no slowing down—despite major security advancements—in the amount of incidents and consumers impacted every year. quote-left

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More than 12M people may be affected by latest medical data breach. Why those patients are now vulnerable

Florian Wehrli is "99 percent sure" that someone has stolen his family’s medical records and financial information.
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June 7, 2019

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Tech Data, a Fortune 500 company which specializes in IT products and services, has apparently left sensitive...
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Hacker claims to have access to internal networks of major corporations

A threat actor who goes by an online name ‘Achilles’ has claimed to have access to internal...
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